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  • Telar – The peninsula on which the game starts

Nations & Regions

Major Races

  • Humans – humanoid species who prefers the plains
  • Dwarves – the stout folk, living in the mountains, affinity to science
  • Elves – the high folk, former rulers of a now destroyed empire, high affinity to magic
  • Goblinoids – Goblins and Hobgoblins
  • Drakken – dragonlike race, preferring harsh lands like icy tundras, searing deserts and thick jungles. Their legends make them creations or descendants of dragons.
  • Gnolls – Looked down upon, Slavers, Mercenaries and businesspeople.
  • Beast Tribes – Animal people living in the Himu Peninsula.
  • Changelings – Children of Doppelgänger and other races or gifted by a god of change?
  • Shapeshifters – Human/Lycanthrope Hybrids who created their own nation after the Skyfall.
  • Ishtar – a spiderlike race, home in deep woods and caves
  • Sheta – tortoise-humanoids, rare, known for their wisdom. Said to be older than the Watchers.

Main Page

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