Friends, Brothers,
Our kingdom is bleeding,
the banner is burning
Never, never, never to return
Our great power is over

Sabaton – Ruina Imperii

Once, the Elven Empire was the firm ruler of Telar. Thanks to the Skyfall and the following wars, most Elves are scattered all over the continent, trying to fit into the younger nations. They stand taller than humans, but have a lither build, associated with arrogance, cruelty, crime and most nations blame them for the actions of their ancestors. Those that still try to revive their original culture are shunned by most elves, as they feel it fans the flames of the already existing racism.

The one place where part of the old elven culture still thrives are the Pirate Principalities. Rebellious Elves who fled the Empires grasp are grudgingly accepted, although they are still best known as Corsairs, a fancy way of saying Elven Pirate. During the Skyfall, the Principalities mostly allied against the Empire.


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