The fickle Gnolls of the Badlands are living nomadic, tribal lives. Their caravans often appear at cities in the southern regions of Telar and they are known to trade in all kinds of goods, even living, sentient beings. Gnollish Slavery differs from the practics of the Elven Empire in that most tribes do not perform slave raids. Most slaves traded by the Gnolls are giving up their freedom as a last resort – usually to pay debts – or are criminals who are given to the Gnolls freely.

Gnoll tribes are led by a dominant pair, the Matriarch and the Patriarch. The Matriarch governs all worldly matters of the tribes, including war and trade. The Patriarch on the other hand is the spiritual leader of the tribe. As religions role in Gnoll society dwindles, this most often makes the Patriarch a glorified concubine or advisor to the Matriarch.

Gnolls only have one religions figure: The Cackling One. Their folklore tells that they will be judged by The Cackling One by either getting laughed at and being remembered as a joke and descend into oblivion by her or by receiving a sign of respect and being allowed to proceed to paradise.

Dying of Laughter: Gnolls who descend into madness, become life-hating, cackling Slashers in the process, intent to kill and devour anything that crosses their path until they are killed.

Ghostfaces: If there was anything the whole Gnoll race would ever call military, then it would be the Ghostfaces. Ghostfaces are very rare and most of the time are a mentor and a pupil. They paint their facefur white and are not allowed to neither laugh nor smile. The reason for this is, that they are tasked with hunting down and killing Slashers.


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