Born underground, grown inside a rocky womb
The earth is our cradle; the mountain shall become our tomb
Face us on the battlefield; you will meet your doom
We do not fear what lies beneath
We can never dig too deep

The Yogscast – Diggy Diggy Hole

The people of the telarian mountains are a strong and sturdy bunch. Being smaller than humans, the Dwarves are excellent engineers, thanks to their shamanic traditions bringing them in line with the natural energies of the world. Their mountain homes are marvellous creations, easily defended fortresses with grand halls and efficient designs.

The basic family unit of dwarves is their clan, which is the expanded family you are born into. The actions of a dwarf bring honor or dishonor upon his clan, so other clans prefer to trade or interact with clans that are more honorable. Clans tend to settle new mountains and caves and when their settlement expands, they merge with other settlements to form cities. These are ruled by a High Clan, usually the most influential clan.


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